Valerie Blumenthal

DDTziiYUQAEK17x.jpgValerie Blumenthal
is the author of many critically acclaimed novels.  The first four, published by Harper Collins, were historical.  The next four, published by Sceptre/Hodder & Stoughton were contemporary.  Several of these books have been translated and have enjoyed considerable success – particularly in France, Germany and Holland, where they have sold hundreds of thousands of copies.  Saturday’s Child was a bestseller in France, and was taken up by Readers Digest’s Of Love And Life book series in a major way.  In addition to these novels, Valerie has written several other books specifically for the overseas market. She has also written short stories (YOU Magazine, Mail on Sunday) and numerous features for The Times, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Oxford Times, Jewish Chronicle and Huffington Post.

Valerie also taught creative writing for adult education for many years, including lecturing extensively, and teaching creative writing at a high security men’s prison.

Valerie’s latest novel, The Lupo Stick, has taken her seven years to complete, after she was diagnosed with Posterior Cortical Atrophy, an unusual form of early-onset Alzheimer’s, which affects vision.